In Awe Advice, BY Emily June 18th 2020

The current climate of weddings is an uncertain, disappointing one. As of last weekend you can now go into a restaurant and sit one meter away from total strangers but are still unable to properly celebrate that once in a lifetime wedding with all your loved ones. We feel such sorrow and gut-wrenching sadness for all those couples waiting to get married before the end of this year, who still don't know what lies in the future. We understand that each couples journey during this time will be totally different. But, if you are lucky enough to have already successfully postponed and are trying to get over the delay in the best day of your life so far, we have some ‘glass is half full’ outlooks to try and ease the pain.


Be Kind To Yourself

You’re allowed to grieve your original date, be upset, sit on the sofa, drink wine, eat ice cream out the tub and cry. But, be kind to yourself, this is totally out of your control (something us in-control girls find very hard to deal with!), no one could’ve predicted what is happening, also don’t forget that this doesn’t change how you feel about each other. Unfortunately, at some point, you’re going to have to pick yourself up and realise that some people would give anything to have the love you have in your life. Remember you are not alone, find support in all the amazing suppliers, planners and other brides out there who understand your pain and are in this with you.


The Best Is Yet To Come

Let’s face it most of you have been dreaming about your wedding for years, some since you were little girls playing dress-up. You have waited long enough, but a delay in your wedding will increase the build-up of excitement. Just think how enhanced that incredible and euphoric feeling of finally being reunited with all your loved ones in one place will be. The appreciation of togetherness will have a whole new meaning.


Treat Yourself

Your wedding may have evolved into something that isn’t exactly what you imagined, but this is the chance to treat yourself and gives you time to be even more creative and plan the party of all parties! You wanted the Jimmy Choos but decided that they were a little out of budget? Treat yourself. You have connected with old friends in lockdown and realize nothing has changed? Add to your guest list. You want every single second of this day captured because you have waited so damn long for it? Hire a videographer! Remember this is just a strange pause in everyone’s life could enable you to have an even better day by having more time to save for things you wouldn’t have been able to get this year.


Be Together

Take a whole day and enjoy it together if you can think of it as a wedding elopement in your own home. Dress up, take some alternative wedding photos, zoom your wedding party, drink lots of champagne and eat copious amounts. There are some amazing takeaway options from local suppliers that you can order especially for your #nonweddingweddingday. Fig & Ginger are offering takeaway breakfast graze boxes, breakfast in bed to start the day sorted! For your ‘non-wedding breakfast’ Tom Shepherd at Sauces Supper Club are offering stunning 3 -course fine dining boxes for you to finish off and enjoy at home. 


Be Positive

No, you don’t have to be positive about this situation all the time, that’s unrealistic, but if you have managed to postpone your wedding successfully or are part of the way through now, try and appreciate the smaller things. It is easy to feel lost in anxiety and negative thoughts so making an effort to be positive and appreciate what you do have is important and eventually will make you feel a little better.   

It’s probably helpful to understand that everyone is dealing with uncertainty and anxiety at the moment, we all have different opinions regarding the current situation, and we are all managing this the best we can. We know that some couples will find ways to work with the new restrictions and will still love their day, but we also know that some of you just can’t compromise on the large celebration you have always dreamt of, and that is okay too. Remember Love is not cancelled, we know that the best times in life are when we are surrounded by our loved ones, enjoying delicious food, drinking fine wine, and dancing to music we love, but this time will pass, and we will be dancing again soon.

Keep going,

Emily x