Im Awe Advice, BY Emily September 10th 2020

Couples right now are feeling lost, unsure how to move forward and worried that any plan they put in place may be decimated months later by new government guidelines. This time is unprecedented and unfortunately, there is no 100% correct answer but, by using our expertise and insight into the industry we have a few tips!





Having a digital forum to enable you to update all of your guests in an instant with new news/guidelines easily and securely in one place. This saves money re-printing invites and sending news or any changes to your plans out separately to everyone. An FAQ’s page included with answers to obvious questions guests may ask regarding accommodation cancellations or date moving etc. It may be useful to include what your opinions are with regards to the postponement so that guests have an idea of what you're both thinking, and you won't have to constantly explain yourself as this may be upsetting for you. Lots of stationers are offering complimentary digital save the dates/ new date notices to couples if they have purchased their stationery during this time, so this is also a good question to ask your stationers at the moment to see if they are providing this service!



We have been unable to find an insurer you can purchase a wedding insurance policy from right now that will allow a claim relating to cancellation or postponement of your wedding due to coronavirus. This means it's more important than ever to check and double-check all of your suppliers and your venue contracts. You will need to understand how each individual business will deal with you cancelling or postponing your day, remember, there may be a difference between you cancelling because the guidelines change and you can’t have the wedding you originally planned, and you cancelling because weddings become banned for a period of time again.

I haven't seen one supplier or venue that won't go to ultimate lengths for their clients, just make sure you check with them verbally too and ask all the relevant questions! 


Money Saving

Credit cards are a more secure way to pay for your wedding as due to section 75 laws you can usually claim back money spent on deposits and goods you didn’t receive due to cancellation or bankruptcy of the company you purchased from, depending on the policy of the card. I must stress you NEED to check with your card provider before flashing the plastic and being left empty-handed.

I love Martin Lewis and he has a really great way of explaining this further here!



This situation is absolutely heartbreaking and it's been awful to see my friends, couples and fellow industry suppliers go through this. We must remember to stick together and support one another! It's also important to remember that a non-refundable deposit is exactly what you signed up for, and that not all small businesses are in a position to refund you any money lost due to cancellation or refund you money for a service they have already provided. This could be the difference between feeding their family and paying the mortgage or not. Just as any suppliers should remember that if they are in the position to refund, move someone's date and be as accommodating as they can then they should be, we will all get through this together and it will be a lot easier if we #bekind

If you're really struggling with planning or have any questions regarding your wedding and coronavirus please do get in touch with me at hello@inaweweddings.co.uk and I will try and support in any way I can free of charge,

Keep going we will get through this,

Emily x