In Awe Advice, BY Emily March 20th 2021

What is the difference between a venue wedding coordinator and a wedding planner who is managing your day? This is a subject I usually address on a monthly basis! The confusion between a professional couple-appointed wedding planner and an in-house venue appointed wedding coordinator arises of course because of the similarity in their job titles. However, that really is where the similarities end!

Having been both in my lifetime, explaining the two roles carefully should hopefully help manage your expectations. This information will allow you to make an informed decision about whether you should hire a professional wedding day coordinator.

In a simple explanation, a wedding venue coordinator works in the eyes of the venue, and a wedding planner works for you and through your eyes. This doesn't mean your venue doesn't have your best interests at heart because they absolutely do! But, ultimately on the day, they are there to ensure the venue delivers the service they have promised you. This involves managing their staff, ensuring the venue is up to standard at all times, and that certain licensing/ fire/ health and safety/ food safety laws are upheld. As a wedding planner, I am there to deliver your wedding for you, from the moment the day starts right until the last tipsy guest has got in a taxi home.


Leading Up To & On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding planner is responsible for all the logistical wedding day management in the weeks leading up to your wedding day. This will include creating schedules, timelines and floor plans specific to each supplier, including your venue. Then your wedding planner communicates all the important information and timings to each individual supplier before your day, and will be the main point of contact for any questions or queries they may have. The wedding venue coordinator is not responsible for managing or coordinating any of your other suppliers prior to, or on the day of your wedding.


Decor & Set Up of All Your Venues & Elements 

Your wedding venue coordinator may help you set up the reception room with the tables and chairs required, but won't necessarily oversee the decoration or be able to help with this. They won't be there to set up your ceremony venue either, and won't check or know that everything you expected to be set up is there exactly as you agreed with all your suppliers.


With Ultimate Discretion

Your wedding venue coordinator is not able to deal with unforeseen issues or small problems that are bound to crop up during such an intricate event. This could be chasing a late supplier, or directing one that is lost over the phone. Driving back to the church for your mum's forgotten handbag, or sewing the hem of her dress that got caught getting into the car. Making the decision to start the band early, because everyone is sat around and your atmosphere is dying. Or even telling the photographer something good is about to happen if they are about to miss it! 


It's a lot more difficult for a wedding venue coordinator to change a schedule or solve issues with anything outside the venue itself, especially without consulting you. A planner bridges this gap perfectly, being your eyes and ears so you don't have to know, lookout, or concentrate on anything other than enjoying the day!

When hiring a wedding planner to manage your day it's good to bare the difference between the 2 roles in mind. If your UK wedding venue does go above and beyond into the realms of planning at least you know what questions to ask them. Then you can ensure they cover everything you would like them to cover so that all you need to do is relax. You won't then be wielding a clipboard, or instructing anyone to do anything at any point on your wedding day!


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I would love to help you.

Emily x