Im Awe Advice, BY Emily Wednesday 10th 2021

Going wedding dress shopping is the start of the reality that you really are going to be a bride. A lot of the time I am in on the secret of my client's dresses and I really love seeing what they have chosen and knowing what they are going to ear before the big day! But finding the perfect dress is not as easy, you need to do your research, get your timings just right and remember that you should choose something that makes you feel unreservedly you!



Budget & Research

All wedding attire accounts for around 15% of your overall budget (if you choose a bespoke wedding dress possibly more), this not only includes your dress and accessories but your partner's outfit, and your bridesmaids or groomsman attire and accessories too! Also, it's important not to forget about the cost of alterations too as these can be anywhere from £60 to over £200.


Baring this in mind its good to have an idea of how much you can realistically spend on 'the dress' before you start browsing, as going to boutiques with no idea of a budget can be dangerous. Especially if you're like me and would likely accidentally fall in love with the most expensive dress! 

Once you have a rough budget you can take your time to research boutiques on Instagram and make sure you peruse their websites, note down their collections pricing range and if they stock designers you are interested in. It can be a great idea to create a Pinterest board of ideas to show your boutique on arrival too.



Book In Advance

It is good to bear in mind that once you have found your dress it can take up to 6 months to arrive and you still will probably need alterations and a final fitting. We recommend looking for your dress around 10 - 12 months in advance depending on how bespoke you wish to go.

Once you have booked your appointments in advance with your chosen boutiques, get excited to start trying on dresses! Think about who are you going to take with you, and why not make a day of it and book lunch with your trusted bride squad too?


On the day of your appointment don't forget to wear nude underwear that you're comfortable in, take a few different pairs of shoes of varying heel heights, (or your actual wedding shoes if you have them!), and a big hair clip so you can compare hair styles with the dresses



Make Sure It's You!

It's really important to remember that the dress you wear should be YOUR CHOICE, not the one your mum loves or you think your groom/bride will love.


Leave your phone out of the equation and focus on how the dress makes you feel, the one you feel beautiful in is 'the one' and a mirror selfie doesn't capture that.


Also don't feel pressured to purchase the first one, if you need to shop around that is fine and you can always sleep on it and go back another day for a second appointment!