Everyone want's the wedding wow factor, those magic moments are the reasons you and your guests remember it as the 'best day ever'.


It's more than a sharp intake of breath, and the urge to photograph everything when you first walk into a room, it's about making your wedding an experience, evoking a rollercoaster of emotions created through personalised wedding design, whilst also having the party of all parties, getting your guests a little tipsy and dancing the night away surrounded by everyone you love!

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Get Your Guests Dancing

Entertainment can make or break an atmosphere and weaving it flawlessly into your wedding day is imperative to setting an atmosphere, evoking emotion, and when the time is right getting the party started, the first ingredient to wow factor wedding.


Whether that be musicians, singers, instrumentalists, light and sound production, photo booths, interactive activities, dancers, gymnasts, special acts or even drag queens, take your pick. But, make sure you choose professionals, who not only will be incredible performers but who also understand how to get the sound right for your space, and will have the necessary equipment to execute the kind of entertainment you are expecting. There is nothing more atmosphere killing or money-wasting than amateur entertainers!

My background in professional singing means I am lucky enough to have a plethora of insanely talented friends at my fingertips from The Voice stars to West End Show royalty, it's such a joy as a luxury wedding planner now to be able to showcase their talent to my clients and their performances and professionalism are a HUGE part of planning a wedding that really surpasses your expectations! 

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Plan In Your Wedding Suprises 

These are one or two moments where you can really seek the attention of your guests, they will act as your crescendo's used to open or close big chapters of your wedding day story. 


A grand entrance or leaving with a bang, the beginning of your wedding breakfast or a high-energy moment to get your evening party started, or even a secret room hidden away for an after-party! They don't always need to be grand gestures either it could be a tribute to a missing loved one or doing something personal for each individual guest like a handwritten note or unexpected gift. You get to design your wows!


If you are going big-think fireworks, sparklers, lantern release, choreographed first dance, video montage, water fountain show, famous singer, circus performers, balloon drop, confetti cannons, light show, pyrotechnics... the possibilities are endless!


It's All In The Wedding Planning

It's essential to think about every eventuality of your guest's needs when they need to sit, eat, drink, be engaged and relax. When writing your wedding day schedule the most challenging thing is to strike the fine balance of giving them enough to do without throwing too much their way and allowing them time sit down and relax, without them becoming bored.


It’s like telling a story, you want various chapters which are exciting by themselves, yet follow on smoothly from one another to make up the whole story that transitions naturally from one area to another whilst getting better and better as the day goes on. That being said to build a party atmosphere its really important that you don't plan to get married too early in the day as this can leave huge gaps where guests are just standing around waiting for something to happen and killing the atmosphere! 

Click here to read my full blog post and wedding planning advice on writing your wedding day schedule.

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Tell A Story With Your Wedding Catering 

Carefully considered catering and beverage is a must for an amazing event that can elevate it to the next level, my top 5 UK wedding venues that provide incredible foodie wedding experience are here. You can splash out on a bespoke menu or create an experience by choosing dishes that tell a story, create an amazing visual or take people back to a person or place. One of my clients chose their dessert based on cornflake tart because it was their grandmas signature dish and sadly she wasn't present. The family absolutely loved the surprise tribute and the guests that didn't know grandma were transported back to their childhood and it became a huge talking point! 

When it comes to the drinks weddings have moved miles since 'a few bottles of wine on the table and champagne toast!'. Cocktails are always a good way to start (and they can be personalised too!), why not pair glasses of wine with each menu course? Hire a bar company with flair bartenders? Have a gin station or a selection of beers on tap? Or even serve your toast in the form of a champagne pyramid!


Not only is it what you serve your guests but when. We have all been to that wedding where its impossible to enjoy anything because you're so hungry! Strike a balance of providing ample food without being wasteful, and keeping the drinks flowing without getting all your guests drunk within the first few hours!

There may be a few times throughout the day where your guests need a sustenance break, canapés to keep them going till the wedding breakfast, a liqueur coffee or cocktail to get them ready for the party? A group shot later on in the evening? Dessert station after dinner, or even a wood-fired pizza oven doing takeaways at the end of the night! Scatter your catering throughout your story to add to that wow factor guest experience!


Plan The Best Weekend Of Your Life

Weekend weddings epitomise the ultimate celebration and give you the opportunity to make the most of precious time together with all your loved ones. They are growing more popular with couples who love entertaining, socialising, and a good party!

Planning a weekend wedding that spans over multiple days gives you a license to designing more than one event that has different levels of intensity and can be packed full of activities. Your guest relationships grow stronger as time goes on, and you can add a variety of events to ramp up the fun with all the increased opportunities you get to spend with your loved ones celebrating. 

Take your seat at an intimate candlelit rehearsal dinner for your wedding party or host the most sophisticated introductory cocktail soiree, make use of your venues cricket pitch or golf club for a bit of outdoors fun, then after the wedding, enjoy a day-after celebration a boozy brunch or a refined bbq that is the perfect ending to the dream weekend.

In truth, I adore planning weekend weddings and the opportunity they give to designing such an incredible event! Click to download our Weekend Wedding Planning & Design Brochure here.

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Hire A UK Wedding Planner To Manage Your Wedding Day

The best events we attend are the ones where exactly what we wish was happening begins to happen, no one, not even an expert can cover every eventuality in a written down schedule, and having a UK wedding planner with in-depth knowledge of the event, the ability to read the crowd and adapt to the atmosphere and the environment can be a make or break between a good wedding and an incredible one.

What happens if no ones dancing? Who authorises for the entertainment to begin early because the speeches were shorter than expected, and now the atmosphere is dying? Who goes behind the bar and shakes cocktails so your guests all have a drink!? (Yes I have done this one many times for the reception drink rush!)

Even as a professional planner, when it comes to my own wedding, hiring 'Wedding Day Management' will be totally non-negotiable. It would be impossible to relax on my day and be fully immersed in my own party without someone there to check everyone is okay and having an amazing time!

At In Awe Weddings & Events, every occasion is an opportunity to plan the ‘party of all parties’ and create memories you want to relive again and again. Our love for meticulous attention to detail and organisation is at the heart of everything we do, drawing on, and interpreting your vision right down to the very last glass of champagne.


Happy Planning! 

Emily x


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