Collaborate With us To Curate An Event & Experience You Never Thought Possible

Your full planning journey with In Awe Weddings & Events is a process that tailors to your every need, so you can collaborate with us on every detail whilst feeling supported, relaxed, and in control. 

We absorb all the complex elements of planning such an intricate event, so you can immerse yourself in the process with zero stress. 


We Encourage You To Embrace Your Individualities, Whilst We Take Care Of All The Logistics, Leaving You To Indulge In The Possibilities..

We give you the tools and advice to unlock your imagination, and then unite our expertise with your vision to create a design & style concept that maps out your guest experience scattered with unexpected touches and those sought after high impact wow moments.

Your wedding is designed to curate a sentimental experience that evokes a rollercoaster of emotions that relate to and seduce everyone present. Our personalised design aims to encourage interaction, enjoyment, and a dance like no ones watching energy.


We Absorb All The Complex Logistics You Don't Have Time For

Our detailed and meticulous planning is a thorough process that ensures every avenue of organisation is covered both professionally and efficiently. Everything from budget management and reconciliation, guest list management, scheduling, design of table plans, supplier and event logistics.


Prior to your wedding, we will produce a full timeline and event presentation. This is sent to everyone involved communicating every aspect of the day, and ensures the specific roles of all your suppliers are understood. On the day we will carry a full contact list of everyone involved, a setup and breakdown description list & inventory, all the contracts, seating plans, menus & supplier information.  


To Treat You As A Friend

Firstly we delve further into your vision, provide you with all the tools to get started, and set you up on our shared calendar so we can be meticulously organised with meetings and supplier payments!

We send you notes throughout the experience as reminders to enjoy being engaged, and we love speaking on the phone and meeting as much as you need to throughout the process!


A Team Of Like-Minded Suppliers, Seamlessly Coordinated To Execute & Translate Your Wedding Design

To promise an outstanding level of quality, service, and refinement, we solely introduce you to a combined network of industry-leading suppliers and venues that relate to your budget and style both from your local area and the rest of the UK. 


We book and attend all meetings alongside you helping to clearly translate your visions and ask all the relevant questions, working with each vendor in detail to translate your visions.

We then review their contracts ensuring everything is correct and seamlessly coordinate all logistics and details relating to the event.


It's Like A Really Fun Date

A complimentary consultation is the opportunity to get to know each other, and we can begin to get an in-depth understanding of your vision and the operational needs of your wedding. 

We understand that appointing the services of a planner is a big investment, and therefore take the time to get ot know you, interpret your initial vision and planning needs, then provide you with a bespoke proposal outlining every element of our service and a snippet of our ideas.


Allowing You To Enjoy Each Exquisite Moment Just As You Imagined Your Guests Would

Our team of 1 2 or even 3 will take complete operational control of your entire wedding and work tirelessly to execute the plan over a number of days. We set up with your suppliers and coordinate breakdown and collection the day after. We manage everyone involved on the day, whilst reacting and adapting to the needs of the atmosphere looking after your guests and discreetly solving any problems without your knowledge they even occurred!  



Realsie Your Ideas, Feel Inspired, Relaxed & Let Us Take Care Of The Rest