In Awe Advice, BY Emily July 15th 2020

There are numerous elements to consider when designing your day, trust us, it’s not just trying to bring your Pinterest board to life! But honestly, the style and design of your day should be viewed as a beautiful backdrop, with the importance and priority of your wedding being placed on creating an inimitable atmosphere that makes an unforgettable impact on how you FEEL! Our 5 senses to designing your wedding day will guide you through your vision and help successfully breathe life into something that not only meets but surpasses all your expectations.




Your Catering & Beverage

Taste and smell is the sense that we associate with memory the most. Flavour is a sensation that uses many senses at once, an amalgam of taste, texture, temperature and smell. Have you ever been taken straight back to your childhood with a simple smell? Catering and beverage are something enjoyed by all of your guests and is featured in some way during every aspect of your day. This is an incredible opportunity to express your personality by designing bespoke menus from your favourite foods or using innovative and surprising ways of dining to impress your guests with beautifully presented and delicious plates. So, indulge! We always place a high importance on innovative, expertly delivered catering of exceptional quality.


Creating An Inimitable Atmosphere

We have already touched on this, but in reality, it is the most important element! To encapsulate that feeling you really desire, ask yourself these three questions. What emotions do you want to waken? how do you want your guests to describe the day? Is there one specific moment you want them to be blown away by? Then, build upon your visual design by adding in elements that will evoke all your answers!



A Cohesively Woven Style

A beautiful wedding design has many layers that should link throughout, for example, your colour palette will be hinted in your florals, stationery and tablescape. To execute a cohesive design we would suggest creating an inspiration board of no more than 15 photos, from this you can select 4 or 5 colours  – this will also benefit your suppliers, and aid their understanding and interpretation of your vision, ensuring they work in tandem with what you’re imagining and avoiding any disappointments from earlier planning misunderstandings on the day!  


Make It You

Visual styling is important, but it has to be authentically you. The best way to get the design to be authentic and distinct is to think about things that make you a couple, that make you unique, and then play on that. Visually you may want to think about focus or wow areas for your guests to enjoy or photograph on the day. Ensure different areas have different levels of observable impact using colour, texture and décor to create a real visual experience for your wedding party.


A Realistic Deisgn

Your wedding design needs to be logistically possible, usually by this we are referring to is it within your budget, for example, larger installations or luxury décor comes with the high-quality price tag. You need to consider this right at the beginning of your design journey by pinning realistic images and trying not to get carried away (this is the hardest part!).


Logistics could also refer to working within your venue guidelines (for example some won’t allow large hanging installations or naked flames), it’s a good idea to double-check with any venue coordinator when you’re viewing potential venues what you are and aren’t allowed to do, and the height and sizes of rooms and spaces you have to work with for styling ideas, to avoid any disappointments after booking.



When styling your wedding We love to unite our expertise with your vision to create a design concept scattered with unexpected touches. Our love for meticulous attention to detail and organisation is at the heart of everything we do, drawing on, and interpreting your vision right down to the very last glass of champagne. To request a copy of our full planning & Styling brochure please click here.


Happy Planning,


Emily x