After completing the first initial steps of planning your wedding, choosing your wedding venue is the biggest decision you will make during the planning process. It will be the stylish backdrop to your entire day, contribute to the largest chunk of your budget and be the foundation of your entire wedding design and guest experience.


In Awe Insight BY Emily November 11th 2020

Why we love somebody or something it is at the core of our motivation to continue to love it, nurture it and do it every-day of our lives. The reasons why I started In Awe Weddings & Events are encapsulated in every element of my business. They are the reasons I love what I do and the people I get to work with every day, and when you love what you do you never work a day in your life.


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I'm In It For The Love Stories 

Love defies odds, it creeps up on you unexpectedly and it can make you feel like even though you have nothing you have everything. Plus, every couple has their own unique and distinct story which is there to build upon when planning.

My other half Alex was my best ‘boyfriend’ since I was 16 years old, I played cricket against him when we were about 18 (I got him out and it’s the first thing his dad tells everyone when he introduces me), and then we were 23 and accidentally out for lunch together alone, by the end of the day it had turned into a date and I was left sat there wondering why I hadn’t realised he was right in front of me the whole time, the rest, as they say, is history and when he puts a ring on it there are so many elements to our story that I want to be included in our wedding!

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Carmel Valley Ranch Wedding by Lisa Lefk


It Started 8 Years Ago

My love for weddings begun with 16-hour shifts whereby the end my legs and feet were so numb I couldn’t feel them, it began in a hot sweaty marquee tents setting up 150 place settings making sure every piece of cutlery was perfectly polished and every glass perfectly placed and carrying plates of delicious beautifully presented risottos and beef wellington! It began holding large trays of arrival champagne you were absolutely terrified to drop on all the beautiful outfits of the guests you had been admiring, It was hard, long, and even though you probably think my description doesn’t sound particularly fun, I loved it!


I loved seeing the finished wedding before anyone arrived styled to perfection, admiring the brides dress, smelling (and sometimes tasting!) the incredible food they had ordered, then, after dinner standing silently in the kitchen tent listening to the groom's speech and shedding a secret tear, before watching the guests become tipsier and tipsier, until the ties were wrapped around their heads and they were dancing under the stars.


This was my first job 10 years ago, and it’s ended up comparing to a first love, something you never forget, something you often think fondly about, and something a lot of people end up going back to.


It Feels Like Home

My friends will tell you that I can never just get dressed up and just turn up to a party, I am forever thinking of ways to add to our events, or I just find excuses to organise get-togethers. When we were younger my house was always the getting ready and ‘pre-drink’ destination, there would always be about 12 of us all trying to pamper for our night out in my small bedroom. I would provide extra mirrors, the music, book the taxis into town, and keep us on schedule so we had enough time for mum to capture a full photoshoot of us all before leaving for the night out.  Now, my best friend always hosts the garden parties at her house, she will tell you that I never arrive without a full mobile bar in tow complete with all the ingredients, glassware and garnish to make around 5 different cocktails, in fact, she has now built a professional bar in the garden for me to pitch up at.


Although I am in it for the planning I am in it for the love stories too, it’s a great honour to be trusted to plan life’s greatest moments, and I love showing my loyalty and holding the responsibility for such an important event, getting to know a new friend, and watching them walk down the aisle exactly how they wanted.

I would love to hear about your love story and help you to unite my expertise with your vision to create a planning design concept scattered with unexpected touches. To book a free no-obligation consultation where we get to know each other and have a general wedding chit chat fill in the form here!

Happy Planning.

Emily x