In Awe Advice, BY Emily January 20th 2021

Congratulations! Being engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life! Its been so lovely to see the end of 2020 filled with so many love stories, and knowing where to start planning your wedding is sometimes the hardest part, you may even have envisioned what your day will be like but getting there seems impossible! Plus if you start your planning journey incorrectly your whole plan can come undone later on in the process!


It's so important that before your begin take the time with your new fiancee to revel in the happiness of starting the rest of your lives together, live off the euphoria, celebrate, drink copious amounts of champagne, and tell all your loved ones! Then, only when you have come back down to earth and are ready to start planning your big day do you need to work through these 5 steps.


Get Everyone You Can Think Of Down On Paper

Write a first draft guest list, go with your heart to begin with and don't panic if the list gets wildly out of control, you can revisit this later!

It's a good idea to separate your guests into groups (ie work friends, school friends, your side, his/her side etc) and start to think about who you would both like in your wedding party!


Help Set Your Expectations

Have an honest conversation with each other and calculate how much you have to spend on your day. Who is contributing? How much do you have saved or could you save over time? This is the most monotonous part of planning, it gets so much more fun after this!


Without having a set budget you're planning blind. Think of it as going into Selfridges picking everything you think looks pretty in the store (without checking the prices), then reaching the checkout and being gutted you have to put everything back or paying for it anyway and then not eating for a month.

Delving into the plethora of talented suppliers, gorgeous products, venues, and delicious catering the wedding industry has to offer without any idea of what you can spend beforehand, will only leave you feeling utterly disappointed, gutted, and upset when you choose the most expensive stunning dream option, and then look into your finances and have to tell yourself you can't have it. 


Get On The Same Page

Think about your wedding priorities. Delve deep into what you both feel is really important (incredible entertainment, delicious food, beautiful styling, a wow moment, epic entrance etc), and the emotions you want to evoke on the day. Also, write down what you don't want. some traditions aren't for everyone and that's fine!

My client's main priority is usually their guest experience, having an epic party and a beautiful cohesive style throughout their day. But, everyone has more personal priorities which make their wedding distinctive and authentic to them so focus on teasing out those too. 


Be Together

Pictures say 1000 words and Pinterest really is the best tool in the business, upload the Pinterest app on your web browser (google chrome is best) to ensure you can not only pin from Pinterest, but other images directly from any site including wedding blogs such as Love My Dress, Save The Date Magazine, and The Lane.

It's really important to note that your wedding style can be influenced by all the Pinterest inspo in the world, but ultimately your main inspiration should be the both of YOU! So look outside the box, as inspiration is everywhere, this could be a favourite piece of furniture in your home, the decor in one of your favourite restaurants and even an incredible pair of shoes! 

Be inspired by your personalities and your relationship, what makes you individual. Think of things you love doing together, your heritage, each other's passions and hobbies, favourite places you have visited and even wedding traditions you want to make or break.

NOTE: Before diving in and booking suppliers start pinning all these visual and written down wedding ideas onto a board so you can discover a general colour scheme and style you gravitate towards,


Your Wedding Is Worth It

If you already feel time-starved, want expert reassurance and advice and an uncomplicated process when planning your wedding, hiring a wedding planner is for you. An experienced planner will be able to compartmentalise your vision into logistical manageable planning steps, consume the time consuming administrative tasks associated with planning such a complex event and allow you to enjoy the process whilst indulging in the possibilities!


Hiring a planner isn’t about them taking over and planning the wedding day they want for you, most of my clients love wedding planning and want to be fully involved. Wedding planning is a team effort and a good planner will allow you as little or as much involvement as you wish, and the final decision making always lies with you. 

If you're interested in hiring a wedding planner it would be an honor to help plan your once in a lifetime wedding! Get in touch via hello@inaweweddings.co.uk or fill in our contact page form. We can get to know each other, discuss your big day before we put you together a bespoke proposal.

Happy Planning!

Emily x