As Your Planners We Allow You To Indulge In The Possibilities, Celebrate Your Individualities, & Give You The Space & Time To Expereince Each Exquisite Moment, Just As You Imagined Your Guests Would

Our mission is to plan awe-inspiring celebrations and create inimitable atmospheres throughout The East Midlands, London and UK by combining superior organisation, sublime style and impeccable operational execution

At In Awe Weddings & Events, every occasion is an opportunity to plan the ‘party of all parties’ and create memories you want to relive again and again. Our love for meticulous attention to detail and organisation is at the heart of everything we do, drawing on, and interpreting your vision right down to the very last glass of champagne


A meticulous attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do.


We show complete loyalty to you, and your vision.


We create, plan and style weddings based on evoking sensory and emotive experiences that will last a lifetime.


We believe every occasion is the opportunity to throw the 'party of all parties'.


Because there is always time for champagne!


"My love for weddings begun in hot sweaty marquee kitchen tents, it began when setting up 150 place settings, making sure every piece of cutlery was perfectly polished, and every glass perfectly placed, it began carrying large trays of champagne you were absolutely terrified to drop! 


I loved seeing the finished wedding before anyone arrived styled to perfection, admiring the bride, smelling the incredible food they had ordered, then after dinner standing silently in the kitchen tent listening to the groom's speech and shedding a secret tear, before watching the guests become tipsier and tipsier until ties were wrapped around their heads, and they were dancing under the stars.


This was my first job 10 years ago, and it’s ended up comparing to falling in love for the first time, it's something you never forget, something you often think fondly about, and something a lot of people end up going back to."

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My love has always been for people, a challenge, and creating an atmosphere. That comes from being a professional singer and dancer, (I still sing professionally, however, putting a leotard on and doing ballet definitely does not occur anymore!) and, it comes from my other love, hospitality and events, where over 10 years I became fascinated with food, cocktails, and for some reason, couldn’t get enough of the busy 15-hour shifts!


Two traits I would say define me are loyalty and honesty. Loyalty is something that really runs through my core, and transfers into everything I do at In Awe Weddings and Events. It’s a great honour to be trusted to plan life’s greatest moments, and I take great pride in being loyal to you, and your vision.  


Honesty has definitely got me into a little trouble in the past! However, honesty for me is the best policy, and it always ensures I have the best relationships with my clients as we can be totally transparent with each other, which is great for planning!


As a lover of being the ultimate organiser, and wanting to make sure everyone is having the most amazing time myself, I can see how this could take over and prevent you from enjoying what should be your 'once in a lifetime' moment! I really love my job, especially, as it means I can give you the gift of reassurance that everything is in-hand, and, because for a perfectionist like me, I know that would be a godsend!


I love that planning your celebration isn’t just about the logistics, but also about getting to know a new friend, and watching them walk down the aisle exactly how they wanted.


Nottingham United Kingdom